Gloves - Nitrile - X3

By: Ammex
  • Pack Qty: 100
  • Case Qty: 10

X3 Nitrile is an industrial grade, blue, disposable glove commonly used for food processing, janitorial, manufacturing, automotive and industrial applications. X3 gloves are also FDA approved for food service. The gloves have a texture on the palm, fingers and finger tips to enhance gripping power in wet and dry conditions. It holds up to fluids like gasoline, paint remover, rubber solvent, butane, and many more chemicals you may encounter when getting the job done. The glove is powder free to keep your wet paint finishes and perfect seals free from contaminants, so your disposable gloves don’t leave a trace. Nitrile contains no latex proteins, so even those with latex allergies can benefit from the glove’s features.

Small KVS KVS 971-010
Medium KVS KVS 971-011
Large KVS KVS 971-012
X-Large KVS KVS 971-013
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