TruCare EQ - Trace Mineral Blend for Horses

  • Size: 1kg

Developed to improve equine nutrition, TruCare® EQ is a prize blend of organic, essential trace minerals—including zinc, manganese, copper, and cobalt—along with methionine and lysine to contribute to a well-balanced nutritional program for overall horse health and wellbeing. 

TruCare EQ is developed with Zinpro Performance Minerals®, a unique, patented metal amino acid complex that delivers the highest bioavailability—the highest absorption—of any trace minerals on the market.

Benefits include:

• Health and wellbeing
• Hoof health
• Skin health and wound healing
• Coat and mane quality, length, and density
• Bone and joint health
• Digestive support
• Reproductive performance

TruCare EQ - Trace Mineral Blend for Horses KVS KVS 1074-710 - DISCO