Bucket - Flat Back - 20 Quart

By: Miller
  • Size: 20qt
  • Case Qty: 12

Plastic buckets have always been a favorite around the farm. The Flat Back fits more compactly against a wall or fence and makes hauling heavy loads of water or feed a lot easier. Buckets are made from polyethylene resin that is impact resistant.

Berry Bl KVS KVS 115-539
Black KVS KVS 115-530
Blue KVS KVS 115-528
Burgundy KVS KVS 115-536
Green KVS KVS 115-524
H.Yellow KVS KVS 115-537
Hot Pink KVS KVS 115-535
Lime Gr KVS KVS 115-538
Navy KVS KVS 115-523
Orange KVS KVS 115-525
Purple KVS KVS 115-534
Red KVS KVS 115-522
Teal KVS KVS 115-532