Bandage - FlexWrap - EZ Tear

  • Size: 4in
  • Pack Qty: 18

A breathable, self-adhesive elastic bandage that is easy to apply, tears easily, and sticks only to itself. Ideal for use as a leg wrap, running bandage, tail wrap, or to help hold other bandages in place.

Assorted KVS KVS 1065-021
Assorted Neon KVS KVS 1065-004
Assorted Reg. KVS KVS 1065-001
Black KVS KVS 1065-002
Blue KVS KVS 1065-003
Hunter Gr. KVS KVS 1065-005
Lime Gr. KVS KVS 1065-006
Pink KVS KVS 1065-007
Purple KVS KVS 1065-008
Red KVS KVS 1065-009
White KVS KVS 1065-010