Syringe Barrel Only

By: Cap-Chur

The Cap-Chur syringe barrel is the holding tank or carrier of the injection while the syringe is in flight. The diameter of the syringe barrel must remain constant in order to fit through the projector. Therefore the length of the syringe barrel is proportional to how many ml's the barrel holds.

10ml KVS KVS 039-359
15ml KVS KVS 039-361
1ml KVS KVS 039-347
20ml KVS KVS 039-363
2ml KVS KVS 039-349
3ml KVS KVS 039-351
4ml KVS KVS 039-353
5ml KVS KVS 039-355
7ml KVS KVS 039-357