Stockman Tag - 2 Piece - Small Animal

By: Datamars
  • Size: 2.4" H x 2.2" W
  • Pack Qty: 25

From the company that brought you the original one-piece ear tag comes the Stockman Two-Piece Tag.

The Stockman Two-Piece Tag is a premium two-piece tag with a unique design and a flexible male button; all designed for easy application and to prevent tearing and promote healing.

Blue KVS KVS 205-063
Green KVS KVS 205-064
L. Blue KVS KVS 205-068
L. Pink KVS KVS 205-070
L. Purple KVS KVS 205-071
Orange KVS KVS 205-065
Pink KVS KVS 205-066
Purple KVS KVS 205-067
Red KVS KVS 205-072
Salmon KVS KVS 205-073
White KVS KVS 205-074
Yellow KVS KVS 205-075
L. Green KVS KVS 205-069