Z Tag - 2 Piece - Large Complete

By: Datamars
  • Size: 3.15"H x 2.4" W
  • Pack Qty: 25

Z2 No-Tear Tags™ feature flexible polyurethane panels that bend without breaking, so they won’t snap off when the weather turns cold or your cattle get tangled up in fencing, baler twine or thick brush. Laser marking available.

Blue KVS KVS 205-077
Green KVS KVS 205-078
L. Blue KVS KVS 205-082
L. Green KVS KVS 205-083
L. Pink KVS KVS 205-084
L. Purple KVS KVS 205-085
Orange KVS KVS 205-079
Pink KVS KVS 205-080
Purple KVS KVS 205-081
Red KVS KVS 205-086
Salmon KVS KVS 205-087
White KVS KVS 205-088
Yellow KVS KVS 205-089