PoochieBells Door Bell - Classic

  • Size: 28"

PoochieBells Classic Dog Housetraining Doorbell. Individually handcrafted, lead free, USA Made, smooth, safe, reinforced bells are designed especially for your pooch. Look for the PoochieBells authentic Paw Print insignia designating a true PoochieBells®. Each PoochieBells comes complete with two sets of bells measuring approximately 26″ from doorknob or hook, and easy proven training instructions.

All You Need is Love KVS KVS D1069-94741 - DISCO
Ring Bell for Service KVS KVS D1069-83951 - DISCO
Home Is Where the Dog Is KVS KVS D1069-44530 - DISCO
Good Dog KVS KVS D1069-44580 - DISCO
Pooch Parade KVS KVS D1069-83950 - DISCO
Mudslide KVS KVS D1069-44370 - DISCO
Bone Appetit Brown KVS KVS D1069-78769 - DISCO
Moose KVS KVS D1069-83948 - DISCO
Midnight Black KVS KVS DISCOD1069-44180
Fern Green KVS KVS DISCOD1069-98236
Hydrangea Blue KVS KVS DISCOD1069-92381
Chocolate Brown KVS KVS DISCOD1069-44200