By: Andover
  • Size: 4in x 5yards

Andover, a leader in the manufacture of co-adhesive bandages, has combined quality and technology to develop a NEW, stronger, abrasion resistant, fabric based bandage for the equine market. Hand tearable.

Assorted KVS KVS 183-200
Asst. Camo KVS KVS 183-231
Black KVS KVS 183-211
Blue KVS KVS 183-205
Blue Stars KVS KVS 183-222
Black - Absorbent Foam KVS KVS 183-215
Green KVS KVS 183-207
Green Camo KVS KVS 183-230
Red KVS KVS 183-201
White KVS KVS 183-203
Yellow KVS KVS 183-202
Yellow Apple KVS KVS 183-218