Kennel - Vari - Original

By: Petmate

Petmate’s Vari Kennel provides your pet with a safe travel and training kennel. The durable plastic shell comes with heavy-duty, easy to assemble hardware. Each kennel features an easy-open squeeze latch, back and side vents to promote healthy air flow and an interior floor moat to keep your pet dry. Convenient tie-down strap holes allow you to zip-tie the kennel together for added security during airline travel. The Vari Kennel is eco-friendly and meets most airline requirements.

10-20lbs - 24x17x15" - Holes KVS KVS D367-21863
25-30lbs - 28x21x22" - Holes KVS KVS D367-21947
30-50lbs - 32x23x24" - Holes KVS KVS D367-21948
50-70lbs - 36x25x27" - Holes KVS KVS D367-21949
70-90lbs - 40x27x30" - Holes KVS KVS D367-21950
90-125lbs - 48x32x35" - Window KVS KVS D367-21700