Collar - Single Leather - Red

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Real leather dog collars and leashes. Available in different colors and sizes to help you choose the right collar and leash for a happy pet. Made in Quebec, Canada.

1/2 x 10in KVS KVS D787-14364
1/2 x 12in KVS KVS D787-14365
1/2 x 14in KVS KVS D787-14366
3/4 x 16in KVS KVS D787-50877
3/4 x 18in KVS KVS D787-50887
3/4 x 20in KVS KVS D787-50897
3/4 x 22in KVS KVS D787-50907
3/4 x 24in KVS KVS D787-50607
1 1/4 x 22in KVS KVS D787-50977
1 1/4 x 24in KVS KVS D787-50987
1 1/4 x 26in KVS KVS D787-50997
1 1/4 x 28in KVS KVS D787-50707