Box Bed - Self-Heating Thermal

By: Scruffs
  • Size: 19.5x16in
  • Case Qty: 8

The Scruffs® Thermal self-heating pet beds are an ideal choice to keep your pet warm on those cold winter nights. Each bed contains a foam layer, backed with reflective foil. This technology reflects heat back to your pet, keeping them warm. The Thermal box beds feature a one-piece construction, providing greater support and durability. They are filled with a 100% recycled green-fibre fill, with unmatched cushioning, resilience, and insulation characteristics.

Small KVS KVS D1002-67722
Medium KVS KVS D1002-67724
Large KVS KVS D1002-67726
X-Large KVS KVS D1002-67728
Small KVS KVS D1002-67723
Medium KVS KVS D1002-67725
Large KVS KVS D1002-67727
X-Large KVS KVS D1002-67729