Baxter & Bella Lounger Bed

The Baxter & Bella Lounger is the ideal bed for pets who like the great outdoors. These box beds are made of heavy duty polyester, providing a durable outer cover that is water resistant and easy to keep clean. The base of the bed is a non-slip fabric making it an ideal bed for any surface. The Baxter & Bella Lounger will give your pet a comfortable rest indoor or outdoors. Available in gray and black glen check pattern and multiple sizes so you can pick the perfect fit for your pet!

Large - 30x20" KVS KVS D1045-95040
Medium - 24x20" KVS KVS D1045-95039
Small - 19x15" KVS KVS D1045-95038
X-Large - 35x28" KVS KVS D1045-95041