Cooling Vest & Collar

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Help prevent overheating with the Cooler Dog Ice Vest® and Cooling Collar. Ideal for hot days, humid climates and breeds prone to overheating. Just freeze the pure water FlexiFreeze® and place it in the vest where it will pull heat from underneath your dog’s body. Veterinarians will tell you that warm weather can quickly overwhelm a dog. As temperatures rise, our dogs are counting on us to make sure that they stay cool and comfortable in the heat. The Cooling Vest and Collar, hold ice against precise points underneath the dog. As the ice thaws, it gently draws excess heat from the dog’s body core to help him/her keep cooler, cleaner and dryer in the heat.

X-Small KVS KVS D1102-77704
Small KVS KVS D1102-77703
Medium KVS KVS D1102-77702
Large KVS KVS D1102-77701
X-Large KVS KVS D1102-77755