Kitty Kaviar Bonito Flakes

Kitty Kaviar is an all natural fish treat for cats of all ages. It is made from 100% smoke dried Bonito filets, carved paper thin, and has no additives, preservatives, or byproducts. Kitty Kaviar possesses a strong fishlike aroma, which entices all felines. Kitty Kaviar is 75% protein, 4% ash and 0.95% magnesium, and is a good source of taurine. Taurine is used in body growth and tissue repair. One of the benefits of Kitty Kaviar is that it is low in ash and magnesium. Lowering magnesium and ash helps to decrease damage to kidneys and helps to prevent urinary tract diseases. Makes a great treat, reward or food enhancer!

0.5oz KVS KVS C1071-00729
1oz KVS KVS C1071-00728