Boxiecat Clumping Litter - Scent-Free

By: Boxiecat
  • Size: 28lb/12.7kg

Use Less, Toss Less. ™ Boxiecat Scent Free Cat Litter saves customers money and simply lasts longer than other litters by staying ultra clean throughout use. Because it forms Flat Top™ clumps on the top of the box, it’s a breeze to scoop. Say goodbye to scraping the bottom of the box and dealing with dirty particles remaining imbedded in the litter. It’s like a new bag after every scoop™! One 12.7 Kg bag lasts two cats one month. One 7.26 Kg bag lasts one cat one month. 

Cats love Boxiecat litter, and it completely eliminates odors, creating an inviting litter box. Thanks to a new custom dust removal and suppression process, it is 99.9% dust free, making it great for allergies. Boxiecat litter is soft for sensitive paws, and resists tracking. It’s perfect for single and multiple cats and all litter boxes. It’s easy to switch as cats take to Boxiecat right away. Boxiecat is veterinarian recommended and winner of the Cat Fancy Editor’s Choice Award for best cat product of the year.

Boxiecat Clumping Litter - Scent-Free KVS KVS C977-00002