Advantage II - Cat

A monthly topical flea treatment that works through contact so fleas don't have to bite to die. Controls fleas (including all life stages) and helps to protect against Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD). Available in three different sizes for kittens and cats.

Kittens <2.3kg - 2-Dose KVS KVS C008-00001
Kittens <2.3kg - 4-Dose KVS KVS C008-91796
Cats 2.3kg-4kg - 2-Dose KVS KVS C008-00018
Cats 2.3kg-4kg - 4-Dose KVS KVS C008-91819
Cats 2.3kg-4kg - 6-Dose KVS KVS C008-91826
Cats 4kg+ - 2-Dose KVS KVS C008-00025
Cats 4kg+ - 4-Dose KVS KVS C008-91833
Cats 4kg+ - 6-Dose KVS KVS C008-91840