VetPro® OptiMax Digital Dental Sensor

Say hello to the world’s first and only veterinary-specific, bite-resistant sensor. We’ve combined our unsurpassed image quality with a patented sensor housing to provide clear, crisp images with unmatched resistance to bite damage—FOUR TIMES stronger than our standard sensor! In fact, we’re so confident in the quality and durability of the OptiMax, we have the best warranty in the market. In the unlikely event of damage within the first five years, we will replace your OptiMax sensor at no charge. Features include: Patented bite-resistant sensor housing design Kevlar® reinforced cable, designed for improved durability Waterproof, hermetic seal, designed to reduce problems encountered during routine cleaning CMOS technology, designed to deliver enhanced image quality High-speed USB connection, designed to capture images 37% faster Rounded corners means easier positioning in tight spaces for better capture of roots Free software along with free clinical and technical support