VetPro® DR Complete Digital Dental Radiography Systems

VetPro® Complete Digital Dental Radiography System The first integrated veterinary dental X-ray and digital sensor system. Combine the VetPro® DC with the VetPro® Optimax Digital Radiography Sensor and/or the VetPro® CR Digital Dental Radiography Reader for an unmatched synergy of technology and efficiency. VetPro® Optimax sensors utilize 16-bit image processing and 4,096 levels of grey to deliver highly detailed diagnostic images in less than 5 seconds. The VetPro® CR reader uses easy-to-position, reusable imaging plates along with existing X-ray equipment and imaging techniques, designed to provide rapid, high-quality readings. And USB plug-and-play makes installation for both simple. Designed to provide exceptional digital images. The smallest possible focal spot and adjustable mA, kV and time settings give you the perfect solution for today’s digital imaging environment. High-tolerance, frictionless joints provide amazingly smooth arm movement, and a heavy duty dual braking system keeps the unit in place for precise and stable positioning. A unique tube head handle lets you effortlessly put the X-ray source where you want it, with just one hand. VetPro® DC is available with a 56", 66", 76" or 82" arm length or as a versatile mobile system. Enhance your clinic's efficiency. Simple-to-understand icons and a large, easy-to-read display make the VetPro® DC simple to use. You can select the mA, kV and time settings or choose the convenient pre-programmed technique setting for fast procedure readiness. VetPro® Digital Dental X-ray Systems from Midmark are the best solution for your dental X-ray needs: The most intuitive, easy to use, veterinary-specific software and control panel on the market (select a tooth and take a shot) DC technology allows you to adjust kVp (60, 65 and 70) and mA (4, 5, 6 and 7) perfect for today's digital environment Most flexible system available–customize settings to meet your needs 0.4 mm focal spot, (smallest in the industry) produces visibly higher resolution images Superior construction–made in the U.S.A The industry's best before, during and after sales support Best value on the market