Revolution 4DC

By: iM3 Inc.

The Revolutuion 4DC features the latest technology. The full-swivel ball-joint is revolutionary in every sense. The tube head revolves freely around the sphere, so that practically any position can be achieved, including vertical. An automatic touch-sensitive lock-on/lock-off device enables effortless repositioning of the tube head between exposures. Quality Build Lightweight, solid arms in extruded aluminium with an integrated self-balancing system reduce any risk of tube head vibration during image acquisition. Great installation versatility and multiple arm lengths available. Lightweight and compact Revolution 4DC is equipped with a 12” X-ray collimator almost entirely integrated into the tube head body. This makes the tube head itself a more compact lightweight component than would otherwise be possible. The unique tube head design, together with the stable aluminium arms, make this unit effortless to manoeuvre. Comfortable grip Ergonomically shaped areas on either side of the tube head make rapid positioning easy and effortless to achieve. Right at your finger tips. Touch-sensitive zones Two conveniently placed touch sensitive zones unlock the tube head for quick and easy positioning. As soon as the operator lets go, the tube head locks into place with great precision.

Revolution 4DC KVS KVS 951-177