By: iM3 Inc.

iM3 Luxators, sizes 1-5mm are very fine and sharp. The 5 sizes allow their use for both feline and Canine teeth. Luxators are used for cutting the periodontal ligament and expanding the alveolus (tooth Socket) by inserting the instrument tip into the periodontal space with a gentle side to side rocking motion continuing down the length of the root. Luxator tips are extremely fine and sharp and can be easily damaged if used as an elevator. The tip is not designed for the extra force used with elevation. iM3 recommends winged elevators for elevating a tooth to be extracted. Luxators and elevators should be sharpened daily using the iM3 wedge dental sharpening stone: iM3 Code A3110.

1mm, Stubby Handle KVS KVS 951-146 - DISCO
2mm, Stubby Handle KVS KVS 951-147
3mm, Stubby Handle KVS KVS 951-148 - DISCO
4mm Stubby Handle KVS KVS 951-149
5mm, Stubby Handle KVS KVS 951-150
5pc Set KVS KVS 951-145 - DISCO