Pureline M6000 Anesthesia Machine with O2 Concentrator

By: Shor-Line

Stop paying for tanks, refills and deliveries. Stop wasting time on tank billing, scheduling, management and maintenance. Instead get your oxygen for free, the natural way–from the air. Built specifically for veterinary use, Pureline M6000 Anesthesia Machine with O2 Concentrator is FDA approved, UL tested and backed by a full 10 year warranty on the Anesthesia Machine and a 3 year warranty on the O2 Concentrator. By eliminating oxygen tank rentals or purchases, refills and deliveries and management costs, Pureline can pay for itself very quickly. •    Extracts medical-grade oxygen from the air and delivers it on demand. •    Backup oxygen supply with oxygen flush. •    No tanks, hoses or regulators to buy, store or replace. •    Accepts all types of vaporizers. •    0-4 l/pm precision flow meter. •    Pureline is Energy efficient and costs an average of 12 cents a day to operate. •    Audible and illuminated safety alerts. •    Easy on/off controls are large and easily accessible. •    Sturdy chassis and low center of gravity for extreme stability. •    Quiet 40-dBA operation. •    Valves are simple, durable and maintenance-free. •    Uses standard “E” Tank for backup and oxygen flush. •    Heavy-duty shelf holds all monitor types safely and securely. •    Includes patented pressure relief valve to ensure pet safety. •    Adult, pediatric and non-rebreathing circuits included. •    Heavy-duty rebreathing bags included. •    Made in the USA with state-of-the-art manufacturing. •    Anesthesia machine includes the industry-best 10 year warranty. •    O2 Concentrator includes the industry-best 3 year warranty. •    Vaporizer and tank sold separately.

Pureline M6000 Anesthesia Machine with O2 Concentrator KVS KVS 956-224